Chairman Message

For GOLDEN GROUP HOLDING and much of the GGC in recent years, the principal challenge of the oil prices decline was to turn crisis into opportunity. Although the challenge continues, yet we are pleased to say that we were able to make good use of the crisis to redesign our structures in a way that will better serve our strategy and mission for the future. Certainly our mission of sustainable development has never been more relevant. Now at the end of second decade of the new century, we can take nothing for granted. The alternative is to jeopardize the hard-fought achievements of current generations and offer only deteriorating conditions to future ones.

There is nevertheless no way to escape the reality of this unclear, unpredictable and chaotic new age. Facing a future full of opportunities and variables, businesses must “seize opportunities immediately, boldly accept challenges, and constantly change” so as to survive and grow sustainably in today’s highly competitive global environment.

We committed at Golden Group Holding to move forward, the primary aim of everyone at Golden Group Holding is to help achieve market leadership by continually building on past successes and improving their products and services.

I am privileged to chair a committed Board whose members I want to thank for their dedication and everlasting support. I would like to thank Golden Group Holding’s team and all of our partners and allies across Oman and GCC who are on the front lines seeking to change things for the better to the benefit of this generation and the next. The achievements in this profile are all yours, congratulations! We look forward to continuing our work together in the future.